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WELCOME to Brisbane's home of entertainment

At Liberti Entertainers, we bridge gaps in the entertainment community, uniting diverse backgrounds with a common love for music, diversity, and unforgettable moments.. Join us on a mission to celebrate diversity through unforgettable experiences

our story

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One Crazy Night That Changed Everything

At Liberti Entertainers, our story is rooted in passion, sparked by one unforgettable night. It all began with the rhythm of Afrobeats, pulsating through the heart of Brisbane. We fell in love with the art of curating unique experiences, and from that ONE CRAZY NIGHT, a movement was born.

Founded on the premise of celebrating Afro culture, Liberti Entertainers started its journey hosting themed Afrobeats events featuring the best local Brisbane DJs. That ONE CRAZY NIGHT wasn't just an event; it was a catalyst for something much bigger – a community united by the love for music, diversity, and unforgettable moments.

We believe in crafting not just events but experiences that resonate with the soul. What started as a night of beats and rhythms has evolved into a journey of curating unique cultural celebrations and building a community that transcends boundaries.

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yatch parties

Sailing into Euphoria

In the wake of that ONE CRAZY NIGHT that ignited our passion for creating unforgettable experiences, Liberti Entertainers set sail into uncharted waters, quite literally. Inspired by the pulsating beats that had captivated Brisbane, we embarked on a daring venture – pioneering Afrobeats Yacht Parties along the sun-kissed shores of the Gold Coast.

It was a bold move, an extension of our commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining the realms of celebration. The rhythm of Afrobeats found a new home on the decks of luxury yachts, where the gentle sway of the ocean became our dance floor, and the horizon became the backdrop for our legendary parties.

These Yacht Parties aren't just events; they're chapters in our evolving story. Picture this: the sun setting over the glittering waters, the music seamlessly blending with the ocean breeze, and a community united by the love for music and the thrill of sailing into euphoria. Liberti Entertainers' Yacht Parties became synonymous with luxury, innovation, and a commitment to crafting experiences that linger in the hearts of our attendees.

afro-culture & music festival

Small Beginnings, Grand Celebrations: Our Festival Tale

As Liberti Entertainers embarked on the exhilarating journey from Yacht Parties to enchanting local venues, the pinnacle of our celebration emerged—the Afro-Culture and Music Festival. Overcoming challenges and embracing innovation, our festival unfolded as a spectacular triumph.

Imagine the electrifying beats of over ten DJs, the infectious energy of live music, and vibrant pop-up fashion stalls creating an immersive experience. This festival was not just an event; it was a manifestation of our unwavering spirit and commitment to redefining celebration.

Breaking new ground, we introduced our first family-friendly affair, complete with kids' activities like face painting, bouncy houses, and an array of cool food trucks. Join us in reliving the excitement of this epic festival, where each moment resonates with the thrill of resilience and the vibrant spirit of Afro culture.

The Afro-Culture and Music Festival stands as a testament to our dedication to creating unforgettable experiences, showcasing that challenges only fuel our determination to elevate the art of celebration.


open mic events

Sound Afrik - Nurturing Talents, Creating Community

Inspired by the crescendo of talents that graced our festival—featuring over 20 performers ranging from singers to DJs and even fire twirlers—we felt a calling to cultivate the budding artists within our community. This inspiration led to the birth of Sound Afrik, a monthly open mic event that goes beyond entertainment.

Sound Afrik isn't just about showcasing talent; it's a platform for nurturing upcoming artists, fostering connections, and creating a safe haven for local creatives to express themselves freely. This humble initiative emerged from the profound impact of live music and the desire to give aspiring talents the spotlight they deserve.

Join us in the heart of these monthly gatherings, where aspiring singers, DJs, and various performers take the stage, shaping the cultural fabric of our community. Sound Afrik is more than an open mic event; it's a celebration of creativity, unity, and the boundless potential that resides within our local talents.

icy sundays

Elevating  your Sundays

In the rhythm of our eventful journey, Liberti Entertainers sensed a distinct need—a desire for a unique Sunday gathering, a moment to unwind and connect in style. Thus, Icy Sundays was born, crafted for those seeking a chic atmosphere, where they can dress up, savor cocktails at a rooftop bar, and relish delectable cuisine while networking with like-minded individuals.

This Sunday sesh isn't just an event; it's a haven for those craving a chill yet sophisticated ambiance. Picture the skyline as the backdrop, stylish attire setting the tone, and the tantalizing aroma of gourmet delights enhancing the experience. Icy Sundays stands as a testament to our commitment to curate diverse events that cater to every facet of our vibrant community. Join us in transforming Sundays into a stylish affair, where relaxation meets sophistication in an atmosphere of pure enjoyment.

awards night

Celebrating the arts

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The crescendo of our story unfolds at the upcoming Awards Night, a celebration poised to set March 2nd, 2024, ablaze at the enchanting Lightspace venue. This night is more than an event; it's a revelation of brilliance, a culmination of the diverse and vibrant journey we've shared.Immerse yourself in an evening where we honor the outstanding contributors to our dynamic community. Among the coveted awards are:

Best Female DJs

Best Male DJs

Best Female Artist

Best Male Artist

Best Afro-Artist

Rising Star Award

B.I.P.O.C. Artist of The Year

People's Choice Award​

Song of the Year

The stage is set, and tickets are live. Secure your place in this exclusive event and join us in recognizing the extraordinary talents that have shaped the narrative of Liberti Entertainers. Reserve your spot and be part of the Awards Night, where each award is a testament to the vibrancy and diversity within our community.

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What better way to finish off a great weekend (or prep yourself for a tough week ahead) than with a cool beverage and some chilled beats. Each fortnight we keep the weekend vibes flowing with live music, DJs, and the best Brisbane locations.

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Whether you are a lover of live music or someone who wants to hone their skills on stage, Sound Afrik has got you. Grab your ticket to our next event and see for yourself what this amazing community has to offer.

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